Saturday, July 18, 2009


Well I Am OUT Of Cigarettes Again..................

and oddly enough I am also out of matches as well!

Oh the torture of not being able to have my supply of cigarettes right now! But those of you who are smokers know what I mean and know the feeling when it comes to being out of cigarettes!

I'm trying to stay positive and keep positive thoughts! I'm also working on making the law of attraction work for me like it has done before in the past. I think that the reason that the law of attraction doesn't work for me sometimes is the fact that I try too hard - but nicotine withdrawl will do that to you!

On the positive side I have about a week before I get my earning from Adsense! Oh how welcomed that will be and I will have enough money to buy at least a few packs of the cheaper cigarettes - I might even buy some more of the cigars that I have had a chance to try out.

I think that when you want something so bad it makes it harder or it takes longer to get which is what I am thinking is happening in my case!

Don't get me wrong though. I have high hopes of becoming a millionaire and being able to afford all the cigarettes (and cigars) that I want! Who knows? I may get a donation. I may get a sale.....I remember one time some money coming to me in one of the most unusual ways which affirms my belief that you never know where money will come from!

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and trying to hold on to positive thoughts - until I have cigarettes again!

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